By using a holistic approach we have found that not only are core skills enhanced but also the equally important interface and soft skills that can inhibit improvements if inappropriately managed.

The following courses are often implemented during organisational change assignments but can be provided independently if required.

Appraisals and individual development
Change management, planning & implementation
Communication methods and skills
Facilitating and internal consulting
Fundamental management skills
Interviewing techniques
Managing meetings
Presentation methods and techniques
Sales methods and techniques
Self managed teams
Team building methods and techniques
Time management and self organisation

The impact of the courses is heightened by using a range of techniques including self and group analysis with presentations involving audio-visual and video methods. The above activities can be undertaken on your own premises, local hotels or more remote sites away from day-to-day distractions in an "outward-bound" environment.

We use a one-to-one or small group open forum style, usually on your site or other suitable locations where facilities allow easy group interaction.

For more information about our HR Development courses please send us an email.


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